Business, Investment and Employment Visas

Business, investment, and employment visas run the full gamut. Some are immigrant visas, meaning that obtaining one of these kinds of visas will allow you to become a permanent resident, while others are non-immigrant visas, meaning that they do not offer a path to legal residency and citizenship.

The Non-Immigrant visas include: E1 and E2 Trade Treaty investor visas; L Visas for Intracompany transfers; O visas for athletes, performers and artists; R visas for religious workers, and many more.

Immigrant visas are the “EB”, or Employment-based categories, including: EB-1 for persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and executives and managers of multinational employers; EB-2 for persons of exceptional ability or persons whose jobs require an advanced degree; EB-3 for professionals, skilled workers and unskilled workers; EB-4 for religious workers and other special immigrants; and EB-5 for investors.