On the one hand you want to continue to legally stay in the U.S. since you have already invested so much time and effort in building a career and support network in this country; while on the other hand, you have an abusive spouse and you realize that divorcing him/her may jeopardize your ability to get a Green Card. So is there any relief available? Fortunately there is. If you have an abusive spouse you
A U.S. citizen can petition for his or her family member to come and live in the United States permanently. But who are these lucky few relatives who get to be sponsored and live the American dream? The USCIS designates the spouse, unmarried children under the age of 21 and parents of a U.S. citizen as immediate relatives who get special immigration priority to immigrate to the States without having to wait in line. What
The sweeping immigration reform bill consists of a key provision – the expansion in the number of H1B temporary work visas for workers with college degrees or in skilled occupations from the current cap of 65,000 a year to 110,000. Immigration provisions allowing foreigners to legally work is bound to be contentious. However, the increase in the H1B cap is sure to be embraced by all employers, especially small businesses. With the current, extremely limited,
Eligibility for the O-1 artist visa requires that the petitioner be prominent in his or her field of endeavor. However, guidance by USCIS suggests that it imposes a higher standard for individuals who work in motion picture or television production that for individuals in the arts. Thus, actors carry the burden of establishing that they are extraordinary in their field. This extraordinary ability in motion picture or television production can be established by providing evidence
You just celebrated your Big Day – marrying the love of your life, who happens to be a U.S. citizen. So now do you automatically become a U.S. citizen? The answer is “it depends.” If your spouse is a U.S. citizen and you have been married to him or her for less than 2 years then you must prove to USCIS that you have a real, or “bona fide”, marriage, and the USCIS will issue
Not long after DOMA was struck down, the government took its first official action last week on a same-sex marriage petition. A same sex married couple is Florida, were approved for a permanent resident visa, which has been considered an immigration milestone. Shortly after the DHS a guideline on how DOMA’s unconstitutionality will affect immigration visa petitions filed on behalf of same-sex spouse. Though the guideline cannot be considered quite a policy memorandum, it definitely