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I Now Pronounce You…Same-Sex Visa Sponsorship

Not long after DOMA was struck down, the government took its first official action last week on a same-sex marriage petition. A same sex married couple is Florida, were approved for a permanent resident visa, which has been considered an immigration milestone. Shortly after the DHS a guideline on how DOMA’s unconstitutionality will affect immigration visa petitions filed on behalf of same-sex spouse. Though the guideline cannot be considered quite a policy memorandum, it definitely gives a green signal of same sex couple’s ability to petition for their spouses.

After years of struggle, same sex couples now enjoy the same immigration benefits. As the entire nation is celebrating love and equality, let us at the Law Firm of Moumita Rahman be a part of that celebration by helping you get your immigrant visa. Please feel free to contact us at 212-248-7907.