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Immigration Law Newsletter: Great News for Green Card Seekers

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Immigration News: Federal Judge Rules Public Charge Injunction

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In some great news for persons applying for adjustment of status in the US, a federal judge ordered USCIS to stop enforcing the expanded “public charge” rule during the pandemic. IF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING TO APPLY, NOW IS THE TIME!

On July 29, a federal judge in New York issued a nationwide injunction blocking the Trump administration from enforcing its expanded public charge rule in light of the pandemic.

In April, the Supreme Court denied a request to block the rule during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Judge Daniels wrote in his opinion that the pandemic’s effects have gotten worse since April and that there are now “irreparable harm and public interests that warrant an injunction.”

This matter is likely to go back up to the Supreme Court.

Don’t leave your status to chance. Nobody knows what the Trump administration will do next to make getting a green card even more difficult. If you or your family are trying to get a green card in the United States and need an experienced lawyer to help, please contact us at (212) 248-7907 so we can get started on your case.

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Increased Filing Fees for Marriage-Based Green Cards

Effective Oct. 2, 2020, government filing fees will increase for marriage-based green card applications filed from within the United States, as well as for naturalization applications. Combined with the new policy on public charge, it is even more reason to get started on your case today!

USCIS Announcements

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New DACA Requests and Renewals

USCIS will reject new DACA requests while it considers ending the program. 

In a disheartening announcement, USCIS announced on July 28 that they will reject initial requests for DACA, reject new and pending requests for parole “absent exceptional circumstances,” and limit DACA renewals to one year.

The Trump administration will “take time to consider the future of the DACA policy.” DHS also emphasized its position that Congress should create legislation on the matter.

However, Moumita is of the opinion that this decision is in direct violation of recent federal court orders, and expects the Trump administration to be sued yet again, so have hope!

Furloughs Delayed

USCIS furloughs have been delayed until the end of August.

USCIS plans to furlough more than 13,000 employees if it does not get the emergency funding it needs from Congress. On July 24, the agency announced the furlough date has been pushed from August 3 to August 31. If the furloughs go ahead, the immigration system will nearly grind to a halt.

Candian Court Rules:

Canadian Court Rules US Is No Longer a ‘Safe Third Country’ for Asylum Applicants The court said the United States had ceased to provide meaningful protections for asylum seekers. It pointed to the practice of turning back asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border as an example.

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With all the news about USCIS furloughing workers, many people are wondering about their work permit renewal and when they should submit the application to renew their EAD. Check out Moumita’s video on Youtube for advice:

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