Case Types I Specialize In As An Immigration Attorney (Plus Live Q&A)

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Today I wanted to talk about some of the case types I specialize in as an immigration attorney and how I help people get a Green Card without leaving the US. From helping people who are considering divorce during the green card process with options to apply for a green card without their spouse to […]

Marriage, Divorce, and Immigration

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What happens when someone is looking to fix their immigration status through marriage and the relationship doesn’t work out? I’ve learned over the years that people will stay in relationships that may not be working out or where they are treated poorly because of fear of what will happen to their immigration status or being […]

Citizenship Test Updates and Other Immigration News

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Citizenship Test Updates and Other Immigration News | In today’s video Moumita talks about the USCIS Citizenship Test updates, gives some good news for DACA recipients, and discusses getting a Green Card or work permit without leaving the country. If you have been planning to take the citizenship test or submit your DACA application/renewal, there […]

Post-Election Immigration Q&A

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Post-Election Immigration Q&A Today Immigration Attorney Moumita Rahman is doing a live Immigration Q&A talking about what it means now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won and what this means for US Immigration. She gives her predictions for what immigration policies the Biden Administration will prioritize and change, what to expect from the […]