K-1 Fiance Visa Eligibility Requirements

k1 Fiancé Visa Income Eligibility Requirements 2020 (Do You Make Enough?) If you’re looking to sponsor a K1 Fiancé Visa — it does come with verifying a certain income level. Before you start the process of applying for a K1 Visa, watch this video to ensure you’re eligibility, income-wise, so your process can flow without […]

2020 K-1 Fiance Visa Requirements

K1 Visa’s or Fiancé Visas, as they are more commonly known because of the popular show 90 Day Fiancé, do have eligibility requirements and a few stipulations. In this video, Immigration Attorney, Moumita Rahman discusses the Pros and Cons of getting a K1 Visa | Fiancé Visa and some of the things to consider. Schedule […]