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Artist and Talent Based Visas

There are many options available for persons looking to get a visa or a green card in the U.S. based on their artistic abilities and talent! Read more below:

  •  O-1 Visa
    The O-1 is a temporary work visa for “aliens of extraordinary ability.” This visa category is available to accomplished persons who work in the arts (O-1B), in the sciences, business, education and athletics (O-1A), or in motion pictures and television (O-1B).
  • EB-1 Green Card
    EB-1 Green Cards are for people who can demonstrate that they have risen to the very top of their field of endeavor. They must demonstrate evidence of sustained national or international acclaim, and that they will continue to work in that field in the U.S. and requires either a major, internationally recognized award (such as a Nobel Prize or Academy Award), or at least three other types of evidence of accomplishments and renown. This evidence can include awards of lesser national or international prominence, press coverage about the foreign worker, scholarly publications authored by the foreign worker, and other types of documents, depending on relevance to the field and how the foreign worker established his or her professional renown.
  • EB-2 National Interest Waiver Green Card
    The National Interest Waiver is for either advanced degree professionals or persons of exceptional ability. The application must describe a proposed endeavor that has substantial merit and is of national importance, and show that the foreign national is well-positioned to advance that endeavor, and show that, on balance, it would be beneficial to waive the requirements of labor certification and a full-time job offer. The NIW category does not require evidence of personal renown or broad name recognition like the extraordinary ability or outstanding researcher categories but does require proof of the widespread impact of the individual’s work. Applicants in this category may self-sponsor.
  • EB-2 Advanced Degree Professionals
    This EB-2 category is for people who have been offered a permanent, full-time job by a U.S. employer, where the job requires an advanced degree, such as a Master’s degree or Ph.D., and where the foreign worker has the required degree or its equivalent at the time the employer files for labor certification. This category requires an employer-sponsor.
  • EB-3 Visas
    EB-3 Visas are for people who have been offered a permanent, full-time job by a U.S. employer. Where the job requires at least a Bachelor’s and the worker possesses a four-year degree or its academic equivalent, the classification is Professional Worker. Where the job requires at least two years of related work experience, or an Associate’s degree and at least one year of post-degree work experience, the classification is a Skilled Worker. Where the job requires a total of one year or less of related work experience or training, the classification is Other Worker.
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