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Abogada Moumita Answers Immigration Questions

Today Abogada Moumita is answering immigration questions from her live viewers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

  • 0:00 Marriage green card interview and your spouse won’t go
  • 2:10 Applying for Advanced Parole
  • 4:33 Delay in receiving work permits
  • 5:33 DACA Expiring: Renew or wait to schedule interview?
  • 6:44 Bring parents to the US after temporary or permanent bar?
  • 7:33 Asylum Interview Schedule
  • 9:18 Can you get married if you have an immigration case pending?
  • 10:00 Big immigration news coming soon from Biden Administration
  • 11:27 Proceeding with divorce as a Green Card holder

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