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Can I Get a Work Permit if I’m Married to a Citizen?

Can I Get a Work Permit if I’m Married to a Citizen?

One of my most frequently asked questions is, “How can I get a work permit if I am married to a citizen or resident?

“Como puedo obtener un permiso de trabajo si estoy casado con una mujer Ciudadana o residents?”

In this video I break down the top three ways I help my clients get a green card or work permit if they are married to a citizen or resident, or sometimes if they have an adult child.

One of the main ways to obtain a green card or work permit is the adjustment of status process which is a green card application you complete that does not require you to leave the US. The adjustment of status process does require you to have entered the US legally, but if you do not have a legal entry you may still have options depending on your situation.

If you are married to a citizen or resident a waiver may qualify you if you can show that your spouse would suffer a great deal without you. This would require you to return to your home country to process the visa and passport.

If you aren’t married to a citizen or resident but have an adult child, a self petition might be an option for you depending on your situation.

For any of these situations it is important that you speak to an attorney who is familiar with the law and can help guide you through the process.

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  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:30 How to a green card or work permit if married to a citizen?
  • 1:00 Adjustment of status
  • 1:33 Self-petition
  • 2:05 Types of marital problems that qualify
  • 2:40 Waiver
  • 3:46 Qualifying with an adult US Child
  • 4:50 Immigration Q&A
  • 5:20 Who is eligible for an adjustment of status waiver?
  • 5:55 Self-petition pending time
  • 6:43 Interview canceled
  • 7:19 What’s going on with DACA?
  • 7:46 Age difference and K1 Visa
  • 9:25 J1 Visa Options to Stay in US
  • 10:16 Green card holder sponsoring adult child
  • 11:20 Green card after crossing border twice
  • 12:22 DACA required to leave US?
  • 13:00 U Visa
  • 13:34 Asylum Interview Status
  • 14:20 Sign off from Moumita