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Case Types I Specialize In As An Immigration Attorney (Plus Live Q&A)

Today I wanted to talk about some of the case types I specialize in as an immigration attorney and how I help people get a Green Card without leaving the US.

From helping people who are considering divorce during the green card process with options to apply for a green card without their spouse to helping those who do not have a legal entry with options to get a green card without leaving the US, I’m sharing some of the unique ways I help immigrants get their papers and take control of their immigration journey.

I also talk about the rights you have as a green card holder to express your political beliefs and why it’s very important to be honest about your status as a US citizen. Then I answer immigration questions from my live viewers!

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Case Types I Specialize In As An Immigration Attorney Outline

0:00 Welcome!

1:31 Types of cases I work on

2:30 Divorce during the green card process

4:55 Expressing political views as a green card holder

7:50 Options with illegal entry and no US spouse or adult child

10:19: Live Q&A


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