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VAWA Self Petition Confidentiality and Privacy

VAWA Self Petition Confidentiality and Privacy (Plus Immigration Q&A!)

Many clients wonder about confidentiality and the protection of their privacy if they self-petition for a green card.  In this video, Moumita explains the safeguards in place to protect immigrants’ privacy during the self-petition process and the consequences for government officials if they were to violate that privacy.

Watch as she also answers immigration questions from live viewers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

She covers topics such as:

  • How old does my child have to be (for self-petition)?
  • Is there any way I can change my immigration judge?
  • What is the process to go from an I360 to a Green Card?
  • Can you get papers without having to leave the US?
  • As a US Citizen can I bring my stepchild here with my wife and biological children?
  • Can DACA Recipients get petitioned by their spouse?
  • And more!

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Video Outline

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:55 Privacy for self-petition under VAWA
  • 1:11 Government safeguards for privacy
  • 02:30 Required age of child for self-petition
  • 03:58 What regions Moumita serves
  • 04:38 Process from I-360 to green card
  • 05:29 Change immigration judge?
  • 06:25 DACA recipients petitioned by spouse?
  • 07:20 Obtaining a green card without leaving US
  • 08:45 Family visa for stepchildren