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USCIS Processing Times: How long should your immigration case take?

How long should your immigration case take?

A lot of people feel their immigration case takes too long (and spoiler: I agree!) but how long should it take for the government to process your case?

While the answer to that depends on your specific case, in this video I’m going to share :

  • What factors affect your case processing time?
  • What should you do if your case is taking too long?
  • When can you request a service request from USCIS?
  • And more!

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How long should your immigration case take? Outline

0:00 How long should your case take?

2:30 Is your case taking too long?

3:40 Expediting your case

4:46 Working with Moumita if you speak Spanish

5:26 How long does it take to get an Asylum Interview?

8:00 Will military service help me get my mom papers?

10:00 Accelerating USCIS Immigration Application

11:07 Live Q&A


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