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Immigration Q&A with Moumita [Plus Case Types I Specialize In]

It’s time for another Immigration Q&A with Moumita!

The majority of cases I work on are humanitarian cases with people who have entered the country illegally and have been told by other attorneys they have no options to legalize their status. I look to see if the person has a situation that fits a few unique case types that allow them to get a work permit and/or a green card without leaving the US.

In this video I share more about the types of cases I help with and then answer immigration questions from my live viewers.

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Immigration Q&A with Moumita Video Outline

0:00 How I Help Immigrants

6:30 Green Card Application for DACA

7:20 USCIS Processing Time

8:27 Married to US Citizen Green Card Options

12:44 Waiting on an I130

14:24 Visa Options for Domestic Violence Victim

17:04 DACA Recipient and US Citizen- marriage?

18:04 Difference between 10 year bar and permanent bar