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Immigration Question and Answer With Moumita

Immigration Question and Answer With Moumita

Every Monday Immigration Attorney Moumnita Rahman does a live question and answer session during her Monday Coffee with Moumita! Viewers from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can tune in live to hear updates on the latest immigration news and ask questions.

Watch as she gives updates on topics such as work permits for asylum cases, VAWA and Self Petition and if taking emergency Medicaid counts against you under the public charge rule.

She provides answers about Asylum Cases including expedition of an Appeal, Termination and Work Permits.  Viewers ask questions such as:

  • What the chances for deportation are under DACA?
  • What happens if you have a DUI and apply for a Green Card?
  • Can you marry a US Citizen if you’ve entered unlawfully and asked for asylum?
  • And more!

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Resources mentioned in the video:

USCIS Customer Service Line: 1 (800) 375-5283

EOIR Hotline: 1800.898.7180

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  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:40 VAWA & Self Petition
  • 02:12 NYC Courts Reopen?
  • 04:03 Waiting for an NVC Interview
  • 05:18 Expedite Asylum Case
  • 05:48 When are filing fees increasing?
  • 07:30 Work permit for Asylum case 08:06: Interview for Adjustment of Status
  • 09:19 Fix Status while staying in the US
  • 11:25 Terminate Asylum if I-130 approved and I-485 filed?
  • 12:12 Additional Evidence with RFE
  • 13:09 Hearings Rescheduled if Court Closed?
  • 13:52 AOS Interview and No Update
  • 15:04 Applied for I-130 & Deportation
  • 15:54 Poof of time outside the US
  • 17:24 Asylum Appeal Timeline
  • 18:00 Deportation Orders
  • 18:51 Fee Increases
  • 19:47 DHS Appeal of Won Case in Immigration Court
  • 20:52 DUI and Application for Green Card
  • 21:32 Wait time for Work Permit
  • 22:26 Marry a US Citizen if Applied for Asylum
  • 23:38 H1B Employer
  • 24:39 NVC Approved Documents but Applicant Aging Out
  • 25:20 Moving While Pending Immigration Case
  • 26:33 Consultation with Moumita if you don’t speak English
  • 27:26 USCIS and NTAs
  • 28:00 Chance of Deportation under DACA
  • 28:39 Emergency Medicaid and Public Charge Rule
  • 30:09 Victim of Domestic Violence

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/-WBrAfnhinw