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Post-Election Immigration Q&A

Post-Election Immigration Q&A

Today Immigration Attorney Moumita Rahman is doing a live Immigration Q&A talking about what it means now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won and what this means for US Immigration.

She gives her predictions for what immigration policies the Biden Administration will prioritize and change, what to expect from the Trump Administration now until January 20th, and answers questions from her live audience on Facebook, Instagram, TicTok, and YouTube.

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  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 2:00 What does this election win mean for immigration?
  • 3:20 Predictions for DACA, TPS, and Travel Ban
  • 4:40 Revocation of Notice to Appear MO
  • 5:01 Asylum Under Domestic Violence or Gang Category
  • 6:02 What happens now until Joe Biden is sworn in?
  • 8:00 Suggestions for Green Card Interview
  • 9:25 Update on Embassy Openings
  • 9:51 How can I help my parents with citizenship?
  • 12:15 Applying for a Green Card with a Work Visa
  • 15:30 Locating parents of children separated at the border
  • 16:23 Expedited Interviews at US Consulates
  • 17:10 Pending Interviews with NVC
  • 20:00 Moumita’s Post Election Predictions for Immigration
  • 21:20 EAD through VAWA Pending Interview
  • 22:19 Sponsoring Siblings


Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/IHxYUdu4vf4