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Spouse Did Not Show For Marriage Green Card Interview (With Live Q&A)

I get asked a lot about what to do if your spouse does not show for your Marriage Based Green Card Interview and the options are limited. That’s why if you’re going through the process of getting a green card and your marriage is in trouble or your spouse is no longer willing to support you, you should contact a lawyer right away!

☎️ If your spouse is no longer willing to help you get a green card or you want to set up a consultation to talk about your immigration case call my office at (212) 248-7907 or on my website HERE.

Spouse Did Not Show For Marriage Green Card Interview Video Outline

0:00 Spouse did not show for marriage green card interview

3:20 How long to get work permit after biometrics appointment

4:16 What is response time for request for evidence?

5:39 Are marriage based green card interviews waived?

7:00 Do my parents have to wait 10 years?

8:08 Is now a good time to apply for citizenship for your parents?

11:20 How long does it take to get a Green Card after marriage?

13:16 T Visa for Employer Abuse

15:38 Update on DACA


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